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On Veterans Day, Bob Weikert and I went up to Applebees' Restaurant with our wives. We got a free lunch. We allowed our better halves to order anything they wanted. "Our treat" (wasn't that nice!) We left a good tip. So many Vets showed up that it made the News at 11, and the paper too. After lunch we came back to my house, and I dig into my Memory books. The glue has dried-out and pictures fell all over the place. Anyhow I scanned what I could and will send it in bits and pieces. Set designs: photographed Mar '73 Some were built others not. Included is the proposal for Irma LaDouce We didn't do it because too many ED's objected to TUSA SS doing book shows. WHOOPS; I think that first batch duplicated the stuff I sent last month, Well thats what the "trash bin" is for. This show used front projection. Featured a tree on the top platform made of iron bars that went up and out in a curved form, with strips of poly hanging from the branches, somewhat resembled a willow tree. looked good but you can barely see it in the photos. Rear projection. A large rectangular rubber screen replaced the fiberglass that was used with the old NAGY system. It was fastened with roof nails on the rear of the sunburst. Front projection 4 kodacks plus an effects projector on the first pipe. The trick this time was getting "Cookie" to fly, so we had a second pipe, (actually the trusses from the portable stage) The last picture in this batch shows the new 18 dimmer pack. It was on a frame for 6 future controls to be added later (we never did) So on the right hand "blank" we built a remote re-patch system, I guess about 36 toggle switches that were cabled to a relay box back at the dimmers. note that the platforms for "LOVE IS" were on a raked frame. Scan 142 & 143 are rare since thats the set that burned in the truck fire after the first show at Ft. Campbell, Ky., and before I took my pictures. We rebuilt the eagle but didn't have time to rebuild the arches. The eagle was remade by Jack Keys Barbara Ellenburg's husband. He did a neater job of it than the original. More of the Troubadours: the arches were supposed to be metal but when I bid it out the costs were too high. We built out of 1/4 plywood, lots of glue and clamps. The light trees were actually custom made of iron pipe. I was very excited when they were delivered, but then was 'crushed' when I saw them seems that I was 'thinking' tube (outside) dimensions they built 'heavy wall pipe (inside dimension). I always felt they looked clumsy, and they were very heavy.