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Doug Crumpler Photo Collection, 1965

Doug Crumpler:
This was when Anita Chappelle was with the group. She made several rock and roll records with a group called the Essex. The records were relatively successful. Performance at UGA.
I have also located Norvid Roos who was with the show then. He went on to Broadway and the faculty of the U of Cal at Santa Cruz. He retired recently. The last email address I had for him was nroos@ucsc.edu

Another individual in the photos is Michael bell, who had a impressive run on TV series, as can be viewed at Michael bell

Anita Chappelle and Doug Madison

Anita, Doug, Rick, etc. 4/19/1965

Bob Shaw

Chuck Schott and Wife

Circle A Troubadours

Doug Crumpler at Miami Beach April 1965

Doug Crumpler at Miami Beach April 1965

Doug Madison and Doug Crumpler load the truck

Gill Gross July 1965

John Harris

John Harris and Airborn Guys July 1965
John Harris and cannon

John Harris at the harbor

John Harris

SE Fair July 1965

SE Fair July 1965

Miami Beach

Mike Bell,Pat, Anita and JohnHarris

Mike Bell, Rick

Needhams Warsaw Express

Rick and Tom

Ray and Pat

Soldier Show July 1965

Shomo Girls in Snow

Soldier Show Truck and Bus July 1965

Doug Crumpler Photo Collection, 1966

Keys Dive Trip 1966

Fred, Ollie, and Allen
Sam and Rita

Steve Brinson with Edkotron Light Console
Harry Oder with Altec Sound Console