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Cappy Porter
Me in one of my costumes from Masquerade

Newspaper article and photo
Newspaper photo and article about our show.

Carnival in Venice gondola
Daniel Rolfing (spelling?) driving Cappy Porter, and Bobbi Rothman, in the gondola to advertise our Carnival in Venice show. Carolyn (Cappy) in sitting beside Dan and Bobbi is leaning up to look over Dan's shoulder.

Ft Bragg Newspaper article
Ft Bragg Newspaper article

Plane loading for Washington D. C. Susie Jones, Cappy Porter, Ollie & Fred Ellenburg, Bobbi Rothman
Loading the plane. We went up to the Washington D. C. area for a special performance and they flew all of us and the equipment to do it. Don't remember the date
This photo I think I saw in Ollie's pictures but no names were given. They are Susie Jones, Cappy Porter, Ollie, & Fred E. Bus driver Extraordinare! and Bobbi Rothman

Masquerade Theater  Marquee
I found this one when I was looking for Halloween costume parts for my grandson in an old hope chest!

Newspaper article about Showboat Daniel Rolfing
Newspaper article about Showboat
Daniel Rolfing (spelling?) on one of our Florida trips

Wonderful World of Summer cast, band
Not the best photo of WW of Summer most of the same cast and some band in this photo too!

Jacqui Bell
Jacqui Bell

Rita DiCarlo, Paul Page, Judi Kelly, Cappy Porter, Jim Schellnut, Alan Beck, John Cogshell, Jaqui Bell

Wonderful World of Summer Aug 1966 Paul Page is showing his muscles to Rita DiCarlo on the left with the swim cap and on the right Judi Kelly with the bow in her hair. Cappy with picture hat and umbrella, Jim Schellnut with banjo, Alan Beck behind the opened umbrella, John Cogshell with other banjo, and Jaqui Bell with a tiara in her hair
Judi Kelly Needham Twins
This one is Judi Kelly in her Mame costume for WW of Summer She has waist long hair and we couldn't believe she could get it all under in a french twist and then combed her bangs down, over it all! She made it look like her hair was short! We were all impressed!
The twins on one of our many Florida trips! They never far away from their music!

Steve Monheimer, Gilbert D'laCruise Cappy Porter
Steve Monheimer and Gilbert D'laCruise (I'm not sure how he spelled his name - He was the kid who came from Cuba and got his citizenship faster by joining the US Army.
Me, in another Wonderful World of summer costume from Zorba the Greek

Dwight Johns, Gil Gross, Larry Conklin, Lynn Elder, Glen Mooney, Hosea Cobb, Clyde Battles, Needham, Cappy Porter, Needham
On the floor are Dwight Johns (red tights), and Cappy with the twins, on the platform are Gil Gross as the Circus Master, Larry Conklin, Lynn Elder in the red and white stripe top, Glen Mooney, Hosea Cobb, and Clyde Battles (I think!)

Hosea Cobb, Needham, John Cogshell, Lynn Elder, Larry Conklin, Gill Gross, Chris Brinkley, Susie Jones
Hosea Cobb in green, one of the Needhams, John Cogshell as the Weight Lifter, Lynn Elder as the Balloon Man, Larry Conklin as a Sad Clown, Gill Gross was our Ring Master, Chris Brinkley in black and yellow, Susie Jones in blue tights

Judi Kelly Judi Smart
Judi Kelly
Judi Smart

Lynn Elder, Clyde Battles, Needham, Needham, Alan Beck, Jim Shellnut, John Cogshell, Paul Page, Jeff Winter,  Frank Urso, Pete Schoen, Glenn Mooney

This one is already on the web site but I had written the names on the back of my photo. Standing (across) in the back row left to right: Lynn Elder, Clyde Battles, Twin & Twin, Alan Beck, Jim Shellnut, John Cogshell Sitting or leaning in the center area: Paul Page, Jeff Winter, Frank Urso On the floor on the far left: Pete Schoen and Glenn Mooney on the far right side

Cappy Porter, Rita DiCarlo, Sue Smith, Jacqui Bell, Judi Kelly,  Bobbi Rothman Alan Beck, Frank Urso, Jeff Winter
Judi Kelly, Jacqui Bell, Bobbi Rothman, CarolynAnn (Cappy) Porter, Rita DiCarlo, and Sue Smith
Jeff Winter, Alan Beck with guitar, and Frank Urso playing the bongos

Judi Kelly, Jacqui Bell, Rita DiCarlo, Eddie Grimes, Bobbi Rothman, Carolyn (cappy) Porter, Sue Smith
Zorba the Greek song from WW of Summer Judi Kelly, Jacqui Bell, Rita DiCarlo, Eddie Grimes, Bobbi Rothman, Carolyn (cappy) Porter, Sue Smith

Carolyn (cappy) Porter Clyde Battles
Me in one of my costumes from Wonderful World of summer
Clyde Battles when he sang "The Impossible Dream" for one of the other special performances we did.

Fred Ellenburg, Susie Jones-Asbridge, Steve Monhimer, Needham twins, David Ackerman Christi Brinkley
From a rest stop but I don't remember where! Fred E. is laying down and Susie Jones - Asbridge, Steve M., the Needham twins, and I think it is David Ackerman the back view only so I am not positive... it looks like his hair!
(I think?) Christi Brinkley

Judi Smart, Larry Conklin
Judi Smart and Larry Conklin