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Roster of TUSA Showmobile Members

Recollections of Greg Robertson.

If each of you would provide answers for the following questions, it would help establish the overall framework.
1. When did you become involved with the Showmobile/Soldier Show?

During a set up at Ft. Bening in early spring 1967 the show had audio troubles Mr. Roy Lothner contacted me at the TV studio for help.

2. How did you become involved?

I determined the 12v dc regulators in the mixers were blown. I suggested using a 12v battery from one of the trucks, A few days later I received orders for 10 days to Ft. Mac to upgrade the sound system the rest is history for the next 2 plus years I remaned with the show.

3. When were you with the show....how long?

GR --Show dates - early spring 67 thru Aug 69

4. What functions did you serve?

Audio Engineer, Master Electrician
Designed and constructed special effects with lights
Added increased power distribution for new lighting system
Redesigned and constructed new sound system, following the fire

5. In what productions did you participate?

6. Have you maintained contact with any other show personnel?

7. Do you have a website or other on-line presence?

8. Do you think your experiences as a member of the show had an effect on you post-military life?

Thanks for the memories
Greg Robertson ( Dr. Fuse)