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3rd Army Patch3rd Army Patch


Roster of TUSA Showmobile Members

Recollections of Gilberto de la Cruz

If each of you would provide answers for the following questions, it would help establish the overall framework.
1. When did you become involved with the Showmobile/Soldier Show?

A few months after I was assigned to HQ 3rd Army (sometime in early 1966)

2. How did you become involved?

I was working at HQ 3rd Army in Fort McPherson when someone requested a poster for the show or some kind of drawing.
Since I was already sort of an official photographer and had my own darkroom at the base,
I contacted Gilbert Gross and or someone at the show and they took me in.

3. When were you with the show....how long?

Early 1966 and part of 1967

4. What functions did you serve?

Photographer and Sound Technician and general stage hand.

5. In what productions did you participate?

MAME, THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SUMMER, CARNIVAL? At least we sang one of the songs from CARNIVAL.
This is all I remember now. And that's a lot considering this happened over 45 years ago.

6. Have you maintained contact with any other show personnel?

Only with Keith Cowen, a couple of emails with the Needham twins and recently I have re-establish some
contact with Harry Oder, Steve Warren and others.

7. Do you have a website or other on-line presence?

Only Facebook, Gilberto de la Cruz

8. Do you think your experiences as a member of the show had an effect on you post-military life?

No. I don't think so.

Any other comments you'd like to make?

I believe I would have gone AWOL if it wasn't for the show.
What a life!! No haircuts, no KP, no uniforms. All sorts of travel. We were the envy of the base.