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Roster of TUSA Showmobile Members

Recollections of Chris Binkley

SHOMO Troop Recollections
If each of you would provide answers for the following questions, it would help establish the overall framework
1.  When did you become involved with the Showmobile/Soldier Show?
  I started with the show in early in 1966
2.  How did you become involved?
  I entered a talent contest at the club on Fort McClellen, Alabama when I was in CTC (clerical training).
My commander would not let me leave school to join the show so I finished CTC
 and then went straight to Atlanta - I was barely 18 years old.
3.  When were you with the show....How long
I was with the show from early in 1966 to the fall of 1966 - I had surgery and I was not well.
4.  What functions did you serve?
I was in the chorus
5.  In what productions did you participate?
I do not recall the names of the shows
6.  Have you maintained contact with any other show personnel?
Yes, Barb Rothman and I remained good friends for many years and we still talk on the phone from time to time.
I keep in contact with her kids and grandkids. I remained in contact with Eddie Grimes for some years but lost track of him many years ago.
7.  Do you have a website or other online presence?
8.  Do you think your experiences as a member of the show had an effect on you post-military life?
  I'm sure it had an effect on my life - I met my husband at Fort McPherson and later married him at Fort Bragg.
 We have a son who just retired from the Army at the rank of Sergeant Major.
Any other comments you'd like to make?
 I was just a kid when I was assigned to the shows.  I came straight off the farm.  I had to ask Bobbie Rothman what a gay person was - so naive.
 I went on to spend 31 years working for the Federal Government and the Department of the Army. I retired from the Pentagon in 2011.
 I currently live 8,500 ft. above sea level outside Bailey, Colorado between Pike National Forest and the Kenosha Mountain Range
 Years of acid reflux and smoking has stolen my voice, so I am no longer able to vocalize but I make an attempt just the same
 I can be contacted at [email protected].